Gamma Counters

Completely automatic

It is the first RIA system , which allows the operator not to manipulate the rack. The racks have to be placed on the apposite operating surface of VIDEOGAMMA RACK. After having specified their characteristics on the Computer all the tubes are measured in a completely automatic way. Besides there are procedures which allow:

1. Automatic system calibration with automatic centering of the energy peaks.

2. Automatic control of the motors used to move the tube carrying system.

Quality Control

1. On-line with displaying of the results and comparison with preceding acquisition data.

2. Graphics showing 9 parameters for comparison with reference data

Best Efficiency

The special design of the detector’s crystal allows measurements with maximum geometrical efficiency.

Radioactivity and RIA measurements
VIDEOGAMMA RACK benefits from the entire progress made by l’acn in RIA measurements since 1975. It is possible to use acquisition data and widely used software to perform:

Fittings: Point-to-Point, Parameters, Logit-Log, Spline
Dispersion in the detector crystal

Crystal with passing hole and with 4 geometry
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